NEET PG Answer Key Download 2022 & Important Dates There are correct answers to all the questions asked in the NEET PG 2022 entrance exam. Answer Key Candidates With the help of NEET PG answer key, candidates can easily check the exact number of questions. Those who appear for the NEET PG Exam 2022 are eager to know their score in the exam. NEET PG 2022 exam will be conducted on May 21 in online mode. NEET PG 2022 result is expected to release on June 20 on its official website. This is a computer based exam. Question paper is not issued to keep the material confidential.

NEET PG Answer Key

NEET PG Answer Key

How To Download NEET PG Answer Key 2022

They can download the official answer key from the official website of NBE, they only need to provide the registration credentials to download the official NEET PG answer key 2022. The steps given below have to be followed to download the answer key.

  • Visit the official website of NBE
  • Click on the link ‘NEET PG Answer Key 2022’ on the homepage
  • Enter your registration number and password, and click on the ‘submit’ tab
  • NEET PG answer key 2022 will appear on the screen
  • Tally your responses with the official answer key

NEET PG Answer Key Download 2022

NEET PG Question  Answer 2021

NEET PG 2022: Important Dates

NEET PG 202221-May-2022
Date of unofficial NEET PG 2022 answer key21-May-2022
NEET PG 2022 result20-Jun-2022


NEET PG 2021 Questions And Answers

NEET PG Answer Key

NEET PG Answer Key

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NEET PG is given below. Along with the questions, their answers are also given. Students appearing for the exam and experts discussing NEET PG 2021 exam on various social media platforms are involved.

  1. Q. True about structure of protein
  2. A. Secondary and tertiary structure depends on amino acid
  3. Q. No synthesized
  4. Arginine
  5. Injury to the posterior part of superior temporal gyrus
  6. Fluent Aphasia
  7. Tocilizumab MoA against?
  8. IL-6
  9. Q. MoA of Methotrexate.
  10. A. Inhibits DFHR
  11. Inferior frontal Gyrus lesion
  12. A. Brocas/motor Aphasia
  13. Q. Frost bite rewarming
  14. 37-43 celcius
  15. A hypertensive woman who wants to conceive. Which medicine needs to be stopped?
  16. A. ACEI (Angiotension converting enzyme inhibitors)
Q.GPCR Second Messenger Acts Via Following?
  1. Adenylate Cyclase for Beta 2
  2. Q. History of pastry ingestion, followed by vomiting?
  3. A. Staph Aureus
  4. ATTs inhibiting OCPs.
  5. A. Rifampicin
  6. VIT K dependent clotting factor
  7. A. Factor 2
  8. Q. Safest Antihypertensive in End-stage renal disease?
  9. A. Aliskerin
  10. Q. Post masectomy swelling of upper limb?
  11. A. Lymphedema
  12. Repair done for Direct Inguinal Hernia (Medial to Inferior Epigastric Artery)
  13. Lichenstein
  14. Q. Patient was on Digoxin therapy and suddenly developed Atrial fibrillation. Which of the following drug is responsible for that
  15. Clarithromycin
  16. Q. Snowman appearance is seen in?
  17. TAPVC – Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection
  18. Water Hammer Pulse
  19. A. AR
  20. Q. Cortisol and ACTH is highest in
  21. After waking up
  22. Q. Identical twin transplant
  23. A. Isograft
  24. Tyrosine Kinase action
  25. A. Insulin
  26. Q. Active in insulin depleted state
  27. A. Glucose 6 phosphate
  28. Q. Patient with complaints of dryness & gritty sensation and corneal softening. What is the deficiency that is being referred here?
  29. Vitamin A deficiency (Retinoic acid deficiency)
  30. Patient with contact lens since 2 years and the image showing the papillary changes on everted lid?
  31. Giant Papillary Conjuctivitis
  32. Which enzyme is responsible for black urine?
  33. Homogentisate Dehydrogenase
  34. Q. Alternative for a patient who does not want to use specs for myopic astigmatism.
  35. A. ICL
  36. Chemical used for blood spill dysfunction?
  37. A. Sodium hypchlorite
  38. Which of the following amino acids need to be supplemented through diet who has the deficiency of Cystathionine beta synthase?
  39. A. Cysteine
  40. Patient had dinner at 8 pm. He then did blood sugar test at 7am. Major source of glucose is
  41. A. Liver glycogen
  42. Q. Corneal Transparency maintained by whoch of the following gag?
  43. Keratine Sulphate
  44. Q. Patient with vomiting, treated with anti-emetics. Patient was relieved and then, later developed abnormal movements. What to prescribe?
  45. A. Benzhexol
  46. Case of measles. Type of virus involved?
  47. A. Single-stranded RNA
  48. Q. Blunt end with no nuclei?
  49. Wuchereria bancrofti
  50. Q. Outbreak of buboes in a community?
  51. Xenpsylla (Rat flea)
  52. Mismatch repair defect?
  53. A. HNPCC (Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer)
  54. Chronic alcoholic patient with increasing abdominal girth and history of reddish inclusions in liver biopsy. Content of inclusion?
  55. A. Interemdiate Filaments (ck 8 & 18)


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