Amazing Facts About Brain (Some Interesting Facts About Brain), Brain is the only part of our body which controls all the organs. Here we have given some Brain Facts so that you can know how interesting the brain is and you would hardly have known this type of information before.

Amazing Facts About Brain (दिमाग के बारे में कुछ रोचक तथ्य)

1 – Oxygen is so important for our brain that its lack for 5 to 10 minutes can cause the brain to shut down forever and our brain uses 20% of the oxygen in our body’s blood.

2 – Our body grows only for about 21 years and after that our body stops growing, so your body will grow only for 21 years, but a research has found that the human brain continues to develop for 35 to 40 years.

3 – Whenever you remember something or you go to a new place and the memories of that place get captured in your mind, and new connections are made in your mind and this happens throughout your life.

4 – If I tell you that you can light a small bulb with your mind, you will be surprised for a while. But yes, when you wake up, our brain produces enough energy to light a small light bulb.

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5 – If a person is intoxicated then he does not remember the incident that happened at that time? Why would this happen? Have you ever thought? So let’s know its secret, as we learned the first fact that when memory is created, connections are made in our brain, but when a person is intoxicated, the brain loses the ability to make connections for some time due to which A connection is not made and after the intoxication subsides he asks you when did this happen?

6 – An interesting fact, you may have been named by your parents or aunts, your pet may also have been named by someone from your family, all the objects in the world have been named by some other person. But brain is the only thing in the world which has named itself brain? Think about it.

7 – Do you remember anything from your childhood? Younger than when you were 5 years old? Perhaps there will be very few of you who will remember much, the rest will remember only 2-3 incidents. This happens because the hippocampus is not fully developed until the age of 5. The hippocampus inside the brain plays a major role in our ability to learn or remember.


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