Here is everything you want to know about the salary in the Indian Army salary. The Indian Army is the land-based-branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. Most of the youngsters in India dream to have the respect and honor and the opportunity to serve their nation. Indian Army releases the post-wise pay scale details with additional benefits on their website. The pay scale differs based on the position.

Indian Army Rank-Wise Salary, Grade Pay, Monthly Pay

Monthly salary = Basic Pay + Grade Pay + DA

Indian officers will get their salary as per the ranks under which they have been posted. Indian Army Salary In-hand is always based on many things like allowance, DA, TA, Grade Pay, Rent and other allowance sum of these all make a salary. The Indian Army rank-wise salary are given below:

Indian Army In-hand Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Scale and Service Pay

The employee’s category, class, and pay band determine the employee’s military pay grades. For government employees, 35 to 50 percent of the total compensation comes from the basic army pay ranges. Allowances and incentives are added to the Indian army salary slip over time. As a result, the army officer’s wage per month will rise significantly dependent on the candidate’s classification.

Indian Army RankIndian Army In-hand SalaryPay ScaleGrade PayArmy Service Pay
Brigadier37,400-67,000(level 13 A)8,9006,000
Captain75,00015,600-39,100(level 10 B)6,1006,000
Colonel1,30,00037,400-67,000(level 13)8,7006,000
Havaldar40,0005,200-20,200(level 5)2,8002,000
Lance Naik30,0005,200-20,2002,0002,000
Lieutenant68,00015,600-39,100(level 10)5,4006,000
Lieutenant Colonel1,12,00037,400-67,000(level 12)8,0006,000
Lieutenant General37,400-67,000
Major1,00,00015,600-39,100(level 11)6,6006,000
Major General37,400-67,000(level 14)10,000
Naib subedar45,0009,300-34,800(level 6)4,2002,000
Naik35,0005,200  – 20,200(level 4)2,4002,000
Sepoy25,0005,200-20,200 (level 3)1,8002,000
Subedar50,0009,300 – 34,000(level 7)4,6002,000
Subedar Major65,0009,300 – 34,000(level 8)4,8002,000


Indian army salary after 7th pay commission:

With the introduction of the 7th Commission Pay commission, there has been a change in the salary of Indian Army personnel.

All the Indian Army Salary and Pay Scale details for various ranks are listed below. According to which post, you can see how much salary army soldiers get.

The salary and pay scale of Indian Army Officers also depends on the period of service, place etc.

Indian Army RankPay ScaleTotal In-hand Cash (Indian Army Soldier Salary per month)
Sepoy SalaryLevel 321,700
Lance Naik SalaryLevel 321,700
Naik SalaryLevel 425,500
Havildar SalaryLevel  529,200
Naib Subedar SalaryLevel 635,400
Subedar SalaryLevel 744,900
Subedar Major SalaryLevel 847,600
Lieutenant SalaryLevel 1056,100
Captain SalaryLevel 10 B61,300
Major SalaryLevel 1169,400
Lieutenant Colonel SalaryLevel 121,21,000
Colonel SalaryLevel 131,30,600
Brigadier SalaryLevel 13A1,39,600
Major General SalaryLevel 141,44,200
Lieutenant General SalaryLevel 151,82,200
General SalaryLevel 182,50,000


Indian Army Salary: Benefits and Allowances 

Apart from the basic pay, the Indian Army receives several benefits and allowances for their needs and expenditure. Aside from HRA and transportation, Army personnel are entitled to a number of other allowances and incentives, which are detailed below:
  1. Transportation Allowances – INR 3,600/- +DA – INR 7200/- +DA
  2. Military Service Pay –  INR 15,500/- (From Lt. Post to Brig)
  3. Counterinsurgency – INR 6300/-
  4. Uniform Allowances – INR 20,000/- per Year
  5. Field Area Allowances – INR10,500/-
  6. Parachute Pay – INR 1200/-
  7. High Altitude Allowances – INR 5300/-
  8. Siachen – INR 42,500/- per month
  9. Special Forces – INR 9000/- per month
  10. Flying Pay – INR 25,000
  11. Casual Leave of 20 Days
  12. Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  13. Study Leave of up to 2 Years with Full Pay and all Benefits
  14. Lifelong Pension
  15. Dearness Allowance: same as civilian personnel
  16. Death Cum Retirement Gratuity and Foreign Postings.

Rank-Wise Indian Army Stipend

The stipend varies according to the post and depending on the rank’s pay band:

Sepoy or RiflemanThe sepoy is ranked third in the pay matrix. Without any allowances, the basic salary for a sepoy is 21,700 INR.
Lance NaikSepoys are raised to the rank of lance naik, and there are few distinctions between the two positions.
NaikNaik’s pay matrix level is 4, and his starting salary without allowance is INR 25,500. The lance naik is promoted to Naik and is distinguished by two chevron arm patches.
HavaldarHavildar is a Level 5 position with a starting salary of INR 29,200. There are three rank chevrons on the arm patch, and the candidate can be recruited for this position directly.
Naib SubedarNaib Subedar is a level 6 officer with a starting salary of INR 35,400. This rank is promoted, and the retirement age is 30 years of service or 52 years of age. The shoulder patch on the uniform indicates that this is a JCO position.
SubedarThe pay level is 7 and starting salary without allowances is INR 44,900. This rank is also acquired through promotion and not recruited directly.
Subedar MajorSubedar Major is paid level 8 and the minimum salary without allowance is INR 47,600. Retirement is after 34 years of service or 54 years of age.
CaptainThe pay level for Captain is 10B and the salary without allowance is INR 61,300. A person who has served as a Lieutenant for 2 years at least is eligible for this promotion.
LieutenantThe pay level is 10 and the minimum salary without allowance is INR 56,100 and the retirement age is 52 years of age.
Lieutenant ColonelAccording to the pay matrix, Lieutenant Colonel’s pay level is 12A, and the minimum wage without allowance is INR 1,21,200. The retirement age is 54 years, and the candidate can reach this position after serving as an officer for 13 years.
Lieutenant GeneralLieutenant General’s pay scale is INR 1,82,200 without allowances, and it is a pay matrix level 15 position.
Honorary LieutenantThe pay level is 10, and the starting salary without benefits is INR 56,100. The rank is given to JCOs to recognize their service. This position is open to both Subedar and Subedar Major.
BrigadierBrigadier’s pay level is 13A, and the minimum wage without allowance is INR 1,39,600. The average retirement age is 56 years.
MajorThe pay level for a Major is 11 in the pay matrix and the salary without allowance is INR 69,400. The retirement age is 52 years. A person who served as an officer for 6years in the Indian army is eligible for the promotion.
Major GeneralThe pay matrix level is 14 for Major General and the minimum payment without allowance is INR 1,44,200. The age of retirement is 58 years.
GeneralThe level in the pay matrix for General is 18 and starting salary without allowance is INR 2,50,000. The retirement age is 3 years as Chief of Army Staff or 62 years of age.
Field MarshalIt is the highest honor bestowed upon a member of the Indian army. It is no longer part of the traditional rank system because the appointment to this position has terminated. There is no retirement age for this position, and they are paid indefinitely, even if they are no longer serving the government.


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