As the nation grapples with the shocking Supreme Court decision last week that eliminated the constitutional right of abortion, seven states will host primary election Tuesday.

The first signs that the political landscape has changed could be found in this week’s nomination contests. Abortion is particularly relevant in Colorado, where GOP voters are deciding whether to nominate a rare abortion-rights-supporting Republican for U.S. Senate.

7 States Set To Hold Primary Elections On Tuesday

In Illinois, a Donald Trump-backed Congresswoman set off a political storm by hailing Roe v. Wade’s defeat as “a victory to white life,” phrasing which her spokesman later described as a “stumble” that was meant to be “right for life.”

The Republican Party will gain new insights from the primaries. With Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories and loyalty as the main issue in almost every GOP contest, the primary issue will be revealed. The Republicans who have pushed back, including a senator from Oklahoma and a Mississippi congressman, face fierce challenges.

7 States Set To Hold Primary Elections On Tuesday

7 States Set To Hold Primary Elections On Tuesday








Democrats face their own problems. Illinois voters will decide a rare incumbent-on-incumbent primary for a House seat, while in South Carolina, Democrats are picking which candidate will take on South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott this fall.

On Tuesday, primaries will be held in Colorado, Illinois and Mississippi as well as New York, Oklahoma. South Carolina, South Carolina, and Utah. A special election is being held in Nebraska.

Joe O’Dea is a GOP businessman who has publicly supported abortion rights. He is running for the nomination in order to challenge Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. State Rep. Ron Hanks is O’Dea’s main rival. Hanks was present at the Jan. 6 insurgent at the U.S. Capitol.

O’Dea stated that he supports a ban on late term abortions and government funding, but that the decision to end a pregnancy within the first months of a pregnancy is between a person’s God and the individual.

Although Colorado has been overwhelmingly Democratic for the past decade, Tuesday’s Republican primary contests will reveal whether far-right candidates have made progress in their bid to defeat uncontested Democrats such as Bennet and Gov. Jared Polis, Secretary of State Jena Griswold and the National Fight against 2020 Election Deniers are two examples.

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Tina Peters is one of them. She’s a Republican county elections clerk and conspiracy-theorist who’s been indicted on charges of tampering voting equipment and posting election data online. Despite calls from the state GOP to Peters to stop her campaign, Peters is determined to replace Griswold in Colorado’s top election official. She is running against Pam Anderson, a Republican who was once the head of Colorado’s clerks association. Anderson is a staunch advocate for Colorado’s mail-in election system.

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