Jordan Peele is giving Get Out fans some hope.

In an interview with the Associated Press published Monday, the 2017 thriller’s writer and director spoke about the possibility of doing a sequel.

Jordan Peele Would ‘Never Say Never’ to ‘Get Out’ Sequel

“I do get asked that a lot,” said Peele, 43. “Never say never.” He continued, “There’s certainly a lot to talk about left. We’ll see.”

As for how his three films — Get OutUs (2019) and Nope, make up his mission to tackle and criticize societal issues, Peele said, “I feel like I’m off to the races.”

The Academy Award winner explained, “I just don’t know if I could limit how many films I have that are me. I’m starting to lose sight of what I would be doing if I wasn’t doing movies like this.”

“So I would say the project has extended,” Peele said.

Daniel Kaluuya on the Get Out movie Sequel

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Daniel Kaluuya, the star of the 2017 horror hit and of this year’s Nope, said he doesn’t interpret the first movie’s success as “pressure.”

“I don’t take the pressure,” said Kaluuya, 33. “I like accomplishing the goals that we’ve set.”

The Oscar-winning actor explained that his thrill to work on Nope was “more [about] working with Jordan.” He continued, “We had a lot of conversations building up to the shoot, and when I got to the set, I was like, ‘Oh s—, this is a f—ing action film. Holy s—.’ The most daring thing to do is go for it, [so] let’s do Bruce Willis then. Let’s go for this s—.”

“I really care about original films and original content, and to even be making a film like this with Keke Palmer as a lead, me as a lead, Jordan as a director on this level of budget and it be original — it’s so important that this film connects,” the Black Panther star added.

Kaluuya also shared a feeling that he’s at the end of a chapter in his life

During his THR interview, Kaluuya also shared a feeling that he’s at the end of a chapter in his life.

Get Out happened and it’s just been nonstop,” the actor said. “Even though I don’t feel like I’ve been projecting that. But it has been nonstop in terms of the amount of films I’ve done, the amount of press I’ve done, and all the writing and producing I’ve done underneath. It’s just been consistently on the go, and I feel like you have to rethink certain things.”

Kaluuya continued, “This is the point where I rethink certain things. What makes me happy? What’s exciting? What excites me? What will excite the audience? And it could be the same trajectory that I’m on, but I’ve got to make sure it’s that.”

On Monday, Nope premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. On the carpet, Kaluuya continued to rave about his partnership with Peele to PEOPLE.

“I just thought, we care about the same things,” he said. “We want to make great cinema. We want to make [and] tell great stories. [We’re] into the same geeky narratives and film. So I think it’s a perfect match.”

Without giving too much away, the movie is about members of a horse ranch experiencing strange encounters from above, forcing them to consider whether there’s such a thing as “bad miracles.”

Peele has said he intended Nope to be seen on the big screen, using IMAX cameras to “capture some incredible

get out

images, unlike anything on film before.”

And many members of the press agreed: PEOPLE’s Nigel Smith, the senior news editor for Movies, tweeted, “See it on the biggest screen you can find. A thrilling and strange spectacle unlike anything else out there. I’ll never look at the sky the same way again.”

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