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26 January 2024 Speech In Hindi : Republic Day Speech In Hindi English and 26 January Republic Day Speech Lines For Teachers Students Kids. Vande Matram ! My greetings to all the dignitaries present in this auditorium, teachers and dear companions. As you all know, today we have gathered here to honor the nation in the celebration of 70th Republic Day of Independent India.

The celebration of 26 January in our country is celebrated in the memory of our country’s history. On January 26, the Constitution of India came into force. India’s revolutionaries had pledged to the British on the banks of Ravi river in Lahore in 1930 to give complete freedom to the British or to say Swaraj to India. This affirmation came true on August 15, 1947. That is why the date of August 15 is also counted in the list of festivals. Here you are reading Best Article on 26 January Republic Day Speech In Hindi English.

In our country, January 26, 1950 is being celebrated as a festival on January 26. On this day, India had its constitution. January 26 is considered by Republic Day in India. In the memory of this day, the government has announced this day as an ethnic day.

Why We Celebrate Republic Day : It is a matter of great pride for us that such national festivals really remind us that we are all one of the largest democracy in the world and is independent. Republic is a form of democracy.

Is there anyone among you who does not want to live in democracy? Apart from living in democracy itself, all of you must also wish that your family, relatives, neighbors, neighbors, people, and all of you live in democracy. Definition of republic or democracy in which all the belongings are for the state facilities. Continue reading this 26 January Speech From the below paragraph.

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Republic Day 2024 Hindi Speech

26 January 2024 Speech Essay In Hindi For Teachers Students

Every year School student celebrate this day at their school and want 26 January 2024 Speech Lines In Hindi English For their school programs, so here are the best lines. These lines you can use in your programs and make your audience feel proud.

In ancient India, the sages also gave a slogan for this Vasudhaiva kutumbakam means that all should live as a family. Therefore, we should all get together and be together – and it will be possible only when people will understand this matter. The republic of our country has adopted non-violence, love, equality and brotherhood too.

You must be thinking that we should tell such a formula but people should be happy and let others stay in peace. Let yourself eat, progress and let others eat and make progress. The person laughed and let others laugh too. Let it bloom and let others also bloom. Live the person and let others live. This is the principle that is called the Republic. These all Paragraph are about the Speech On 26 January 2024 and you can use these Republic Day Speech Paragraph in your Speech.

In order to get this principle easy to accept, the Committee of seven members under the chairmanship of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar gave a tremendous strength in the form of the Constitution on January 26, 1950, which forces us to join together and Eat well together. There is no other way besides this. In fact for all of us this is a glorious day. Read this Republic Day Speech Lines and about republic day from the below paragraph.

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26 January Speech In English For Students :

Now here we are going to share 26 January Speech In Hindi English For Teachers Students Kids. Hope this 26 Jan Republic Day 2024 Speech Lines Will be helpful for you all. Today is the important day when we got new and our constitution. This day has its own glorious story and significance.

In fact, the bonds of the birth of our country’s centuries were actually broken on August 15, 1947 and India was liberated from the British rule, but even after independence, we were not completely independent because we had no constitution.

In this way, the new and constitutional constitution for making India a republic, it took two and a half years to build and when our constitution was ready, it was implemented in the country on January 26, 1950.

In this constitution, the post of President was also made as the supreme constitutional power, which, according to the constitution of independent India, the supreme ruler of India came to be called by the name of the President and in the Constitution, India was declared a universal democratic Republic. By this type of governance, India became the world’s largest independent republic state. All Kids Students Teachers Principle who want 26 January Speech In Hindi and Republic Day Speech In Hindi will be get from this website.

26 January Republic Day 2024 Speech In Hindi English For Students :

Continue reading this article of 26 January Republic Day 2024 Speech Lines In Hindi English and if you like then share with your buddies. Since the creation of India’s historic constitution after independence, the significance of this day increased even more due to the day of 26th January 1950, and since then to honor its importance and to remember historical independence, In the form of a national festival by the name of Day celebrates all the country, especially in the capital, Delhi.

The only purpose of all of us to celebrate Republic Day at this festival is to inspire the citizens of the country to keep their independence forever so that the unity, cooperation and brotherhood can be increased in the country. This is the best 26 January Speech In Hindi For Teachers and hope you like this content of Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Students.

This national festival reminds us of all the struggles and sacrifices made in National Liberty – achieving movement and inspires freedom to be maintained at every cost. This day is a symbol of our national consciousness. Jai Hind Jai India our country is famous for festivals and festivals throughout the world. From the list of those festivals and festivals, the date of January 26 is quite ego for the whole country.

26 Jan Republic Day Short Speech Lines In Hindi For Teachers Students Kids :

On January 26, people from every section of our country believe with great enthusiasm and respect. On this day, without any distinction, no one thinks about the culture and freedom of the country. 26 January is the same thing for every people of every caste. These days remind us of the sacrifice of the valiant martyrs like Mangal Pandey of our country. This is the article for all Students Teachers Kids Principle and you can use this 26 Jan Republic Day Speech 2024 in your school programs.

Not only through patriotism, 26 January also holds great importance from cultural perspective. In Republic Day, Republic Day is celebrated with lot of flirtation by the country’s people and the country army.

No matter how busy life is, once a year everybody remembers the country on Republic Day and country is full of lokat. We have to take the vow that this sense of January 26 is not kept for one day but only for years.

The soil has given us a lot, now it is ours to give Mother India their honor and the country’s citizen their right. The country’s youth are serving the country by claiming their lives, we have to take care of the country internally. We can do this by protecting the women of the country. For more details and information about the Republic Day Speech 2024 and 26 January 2024 Speech visit this website and get wonderful collection of information, stuff related to the Indian Republic Day.

Wish you all country people a very Happy Republic Day 2024.

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