Dental implant brands manufacture components and implant systems for dental implant operations. They offer quality, durability, innovation, and affordability to varying degrees. In addition, the growing CAD/CAM industry and the rising number of integrated dental clinics provide significant opportunities for dental implant stakeholders. Also, some companies are pretty new, while others have been in the market for more than 30 years. Simpladent offers superior products and due to the strong growth rates of its products, it has resulted in a huge success in the dental implant market.

In this post, you will find a list of the top 10 dental implant brands on the market with a piece of explanation for each. Before jumping to the list, you will find some important notes to consider about dental implant brands.

Top 10 dental implants Clinics Companies in India

1. Simpladent India

Slimpladent collaborates with many research institutes and universities and leading clinics.

Simpladent is unique in being the only leading company within this industry that offers a complete range of solutions. Their productions are highly innovative, durable, and safe. Being one of the best dental implant brands many clinics and dental professionals prefer Simpladent.

Regarded as industry benchmarks and disruptive technological breakthroughs, Simpladent delivers cutting-edge innovations, supported by long-term scientific evidence.

2. Re-Hab Dental

At Re-Hab Dental you can get all your dental treatments done at a very affordable price. You could not have afforded any specialized dental treatment in your country, but in India with us it is possible and that too with a bonus – within the same budget you can combine a trip in India. With them you can get any type of dental treatment that you want, no matter how complicated it is. Their clinic staffs are able to assist you in English, Hindi. If you require assistance in other languages, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Arabic is also available.

3. aRdent Dental Care

aRdent Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, has been established for over 15 years. aRdent Dental provides world-class Orthodontics treatment, which is backed by high-qualified experts. They pay attention to the details of the patients’ problems, sufferings, and experiences, and counsel them on the further course of action. They never let the morale of the patient go down. Their experienced specialists, ranging from Periodontists to Pediatric dentists, are happy to serve you with all the possible means. They make sure that the best reaches the patient in terms of quality.

4. Alphadent

Alpha Dent Implants is a smooth-running company with a firm position in the field of development and production of dental implants.

Based on many years of experience and research of world leaders in the field of implantology, an innovative system of dental implants Alpha Dent Implants was developed.

Due to a precision technology of manufacturing and multilevel processing of implants surface their reliable osseointegration has been achieved.

5. BioHorizons

BioHorizons was founded in 1994, as a result of research conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In 2013, Henry Schein, one of the largest providers of healthcare products and services in the world, made a strategic investment in the company. In 2015 the company’s revenue was estimated at approximately $115 million. BioHorizons is renowned for producing high-quality and innovative products based on in-depth scientific research. These include implant solutions as well as regenerative materials for bone grafting.

6. Cortex Dental

Cortex operates as a healthcare service company that specializes in dental implants systems market. It manufactures prosthetic dental products, dental implants, dental surgical kits, and instruments.

7. Kamal MedTech

Kamal MedTech is an Indian company which provides Interventional Cardiology and Dental Implantology services. Kamal MedTEch Private Limited is a 4.9 Years old company, incorporated on 06 Nov 2017. It is classified as Private UnListed Indian Non-Government Company. Its authorized share capital is ₹2,00,00,000.00 ( ₹2.00 Cr ) and its paid up capital is ₹2,00,00,000.00 ( ₹2.00 Cr ).

8. Biocon

Bicon is one of the many value implant providers, ranking number 8 in our list. It is a US privately-owned company, and it is commonly known for its specialty implants. Over the years, Bicon acquired a loyal implant user base because its implants are simple, user-friendly and are offered at a decent price. Customers have also remained committed to Bicon implants because clinical studies performed on the company’s products have proved that they are reliable and yield positive outcomes for its users.


HIOSSEN was the 9th-leading competitor in the dental implant and final abutment market in 2020. It was founded in 2006 and is the North American subsidiary of a bigger corporation, Osstem Implant. Similar to the rest of the companies on the list, HIOSSEN manufactures dental implants, biomaterial and different solutions for dental surgery procedures.

Osstem Implant, however, is the leading dental implant manufacturer in the South Korean market.

10. Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet have been producing dental implants for more than two decades and also produce regenerative materials that include bone graft substitutes, membranes and collagen wound care, as well as dental instruments and tools.

Zimmer Biomet is responsible for designing and developing, and manufacturing and marketing orthopedic products. These include artificial joints and dental prosthesis. Zimmer Biomet operates in more than 25 countries worldwide and its products are sold in more than 100 countries.


Simpladent is a leading dental implant company in India. Simpladent is the India’s most trusted dental implant company and offers the most advanced dental implant technology in India. Simpladent offers a wide range of dental implant options for patients of all ages.

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