12th Pass Jobs – At Good Salary Packages Having your expenses and,  paying for them gives you the satisfaction that you are not asking anyone else for your desire to get fulfilled. Paying for your petty expenses on your own also makes you responsible that you should not make the financial burden on your parents and understand the “value of money”.

And if you are a student and recently completed your school and, have thought of bearing your expenses then you can search for 12th pass Jobs –at good salary packages in your city. And don’t hesitate to take the step forward as you are not alone in this thought, 5 out of every 10 students who passed school are now looking for jobs based on their interests and skills.

What are the chances of getting jobs after the 12th?

Many of you must be having this question in mind do we get good jobs after the 12th, the answer is “Yes”. You can get good jobs but one thing needs to clear in your mind that pay for the Fresher be it in any jobs is less as compared to the experienced one.

But getting a good opportunity depends on interest and skill which you have with you from your school. And once you get the job slowly with year and along with graduation completion side by side you get experienced in the field. This might prove an additional point in your future jobs as your experiences might be counted over them as compared to your colleague.

12th Pass Jobs

12th Pass Jobs

How to choose a good job?

  1. After 12thmany students go for higher studies preparation, and the other half focus to get practical experiences through jobs so they are looking for jobs.
  2. So lots of suggestions or options you will be getting of do this or do that, but you should know your interest field in which you may enjoy working.
  3. Then look for the career prospect, will your interest in a particular field can be added benefits to your future jobs or career prospects.
  4. If in doubt or confused do some research work, and ask the expert who can guide you a little better.
  5. Find your strength and understand which thing you are good at. For example, if you are good at a debate in school, try to make that strength and go into the public speaking event where you can join them as an intern and get paid for your work.
  6. Then you can get a clear picture of which job is good for you and which is not. And with years of experience and skills development, you are on your path to success.

Here we have made a list of 12th pass jobs which might give you some financial independence along with skills development.

In demand 12th pass jobs- At good salary package

Private sectors- If you think you were good at academics in your school then a few good opportunities might be helpful to you like writing and reading interests may lead you to be in the following fields.

  1. Content writer-If you have exceptional writing skills you can be a content writer, now in the digital era every second website or app needs good and exceptional content. So you could be their choice and with experienced later you could start your blog or can work as a freelancer. And with years of experience, you can be promoted to the content editor.

Salary range – Initially Rs 8k to 12k you will get, but with your exceptional writing you might earn more.

  1. Primary School teacher-For teaching a primary class you just need to be good at your academic part. And can apply to primary school. After two years of teaching, you will be experienced and can apply for an Advance skill teacher certificate to be eligible for teaching.

Salary  range– 8k to 10k

  1. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)-One of the most growing sectors of today’s time. Wherewith training you get paid also for your work. Nowadays every company needs their employee to get well trained in the skill of communication, and BPO is the place where they provide you with all the training when you are freshers.

Salary range- 10k to 12k, depending on your skill even 16k.

  1. Tutor-If you are good in your academics and have good knowledge about the subject, and can explain the concept clearly to others. Then you can become a private tutor and can teach classes 10th and below. As many parents look for a good teacher for their children with whom their child is comfortable and their concepts are also getting clear. And with a year of experience in teaching, you also get the confidence of opening your tuition centers or join any online medium to teach your subject.

Salary range-  8k to 10k.

Government sector- If you want challenging kinds of jobs with good pay, then you can try in the government sector. As nowadays lots of government vacancies are there for the 12th pass students.

  1. Army-You can aim to join the Indian Army, as they keep on doing different rallies to recruit the deserving candidate but to get selected you need to be physically and mentally fit and strong with never to give up attitude. With that, you get a permanent job with good pay and respect.

Salary range – 40k – 60k depending on your post

  1. Indian Railways-You can join them after your 12th. As few posts like clerk, and constable they need a 12th pass only so you can apply on their website for the post.

Salary range- 20k to 25k depending on your post.


There is numerous 12th pass job at a good salary package, you just need to understand what is your line of interest. Never choose any job or field under anyone’s pressure, as it will lead to regret in the end. Do what you love to do after checking its consequences after 10year. So always choose your job based on your real interest.

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