The audience is eagerly waiting for Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Dream Girl 2’. Nushrat Bharucha was seen in the previous part of this film, but this time Ananya Pandey has replaced her. Now the actress is in pain about this.

There is a lot of buzz about Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday’s next film ‘Dream Girl 2’. After the first part ‘Dream Girl’, which was a blockbuster in 2019, the audience is eager to see its sequel. Let us tell you that Nushrat Bharucha was seen as the lead actress with Ayushmann in the previous film, but now Ananya Pandey is seen in her place in ‘Dream Girl 2’.

Nusrat Said This On The Replacement In ‘Dream Girl 2’

According to the recent reports, Nusrat is quite disappointed that she has been thrown out of ‘Dream Girl 2’. When the actress was asked about this, she said, ‘I was a part of ‘Dream Girl 1’ and I liked the whole team very much. I still miss working with him. I do not have the answer as to why I was not cast in ‘Dream Girl 2’.

My Heart Also Hurts – Nusrat

Nusrat further said, ‘However, I am also a human being and my heart also hurts. Yes, I felt it very unfair, but what can you do, it is their decision. Cool. There is no problem. Now this statement of the actress has started becoming quite viral on social media as well.

Nushrat Bharucha Has Been Thrown Out Of 'Dream Girl 2'

Nushrat Bharucha Has Been Thrown Out Of ‘Dream Girl 2’

Nusrat’s Film Will Release With ‘Dream Girl 2’

Significantly, Nusrat will soon be seen in the film ‘Akeli’ and will call it a matter of luck that it is going to be released in theaters with the most awaited film ‘Dream Girl 2’. Regarding this, Nusrat says that he did not know at all that his film is going to be released on the same day with ‘Dream Girl 2’.

Film To be Released On August 18

Nusrat said that earlier ‘Akeli’ was to be released on August 18, but later due to censor issues, its release date had to be extended. In this film, the actress will once again be seen doing something different and powerful.

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